Energy and power industry put highest concerns over the regress implementation of exploitation and conversation regulations. With the increased stress to come with the eco-friendly energy and power resources, the industry has changed its modus operandi at various fronts. Autumn Market Research brings all the relevant and latest conversational energy generation options and related challenges for you and helps you mark your presence in the industry.

  • Global Oleophilic Materials Market (2019-2024)

    Pages: 120 | Published: Mar-2019 | Report-code: AMR-1013

    The material used as a type of sorbent in the absorption of oil during oil spills in oil and petroleum operations, food processing, mining, manufacturing assembly, and groundwater remediation is referred to as...

  • Global Gems and Jewelry Market Status and Future Forecast 2015-2025

    Pages: 125 | Published: Mar-2020 | Report-code: 99S-2306

    Glass-ceramics are polycrystalline materials of fine microstructure that are produced by the controlled crystallisation (devitrification) of a glass.Glass-ceramics (also known as vitrocerams, pyrocerams, vitroceramicos,...

  • Global Fluoroelastomers Market Status and Future Forecast 2015-2025

    Pages: 171 | Published: Mar-2020 | Report-code: 99S-2303

    Fluoropolymer is a fluorocarbon-based polymer with multiple strong carbon-fluorine bonds. It is known for its inertness to most chemicals, resistance to high temperatures.Fluoropolymers are among the most useful modern...

  • Global Facial Cleaning Instrument Market Status and Future Forecast 2015-2025

    Pages: 249 | Published: Mar-2020 | Report-code: 99S-2302

    Fluoroelastomer (Fluororubber) is a kind of synthetic polymer elastomer with fluorine atom attached to main chain or side chain’s carbon atom.Since fluoroelastomer has good performance of high temperature resistance,...